Barry S. McLeod
Author, Director, Playwright, Producer, Composer, Songwriter, Artist, Fashion Designer

The Right Kind of Different!

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'I'm Sorry'
is the New Hit Song from the soundtrack of my new book WIDTTW. Women claim this song as their personal anthem, as it touches some very deep emotions many have experienced from a disappointing relationship. For some, it brings closure...

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Why I Did Them That Way ...The HOT NEW BOOK Folks Everywhere Are BUZZING About
Are you ready for a book that is TRULY "the RIGHT kind of different?" Well here it is! Why is the read worth your time? Because, if the truth can hurt ...then it better not lie! ...ENJOY!


The Barry M Show LIVE is the NEW Talk Show that features everyday ordinary people who have MUCH to say. Check it out! To watch more shows email me and I will send you the links to the latest shows. Be a guest on the show from wherever you are. Send me an email to that affect.

LINKS TO MORE SHOWS: Ex-Inmate Jerome Thorpe [June 9, 2014] --

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